I'm Ray, the writer, and I thought I'd try this.

It was going to become a stage-musical sometime maybe, but because covid-19 is buggering everyone's life up I have rewritten it as a book-musical instead 'cos we still need shows, entertainment, fun and songs, just in some new ways for a while. ​


It's my from/to i5olation present, hope you enjoy it!

" You've rewritten it as what?  A book-musical?! 

 What-the ... er, what's a book-musical? "  



What it says on the tin - a story using cutting-edge new technology called "Reading", with fun songs & videos jollying it all along too!


Switch the Overture, Act 1, Interval, Act 2 and Finale to a Foreword, Prologue, 12 Chapters and the Epilogue with 15 completely new musical numbers adding to the storyline, et voila! Read the story, see the vids, hear the songs. 150LATE THEATRE, always open :)


So, you've already got withdrawal symptoms and NEED to see a show but no theatre's open? Then welcome to...








Of course, if you're a Prod/Dir/Theatre looking out for a killer re-opener

when the lights come back on ... :)



You are about to discover that rather than sitting and enjoying a story as you expect,

you are actually attending your induction ceremony after being selected to become an envoy by Aliens who are invading Earth RIGHT NOW!


They began a while back, taking over a TV motoring programme and concealing mind-control signals inside the transmissions in order to guarantee zero resistance! Your induction includes witnessing live the final broadcast securing their total victory. 


Think Rocky Horror meets Halfords, with some Top Gear chucked-in! 

So! Can the presenters twig what's going on, and somehow before the programme 

finishes defeat the entire invasion force of a superintelligent, advanced, intergalactic race with planet-melting weaponry and transparent chocolate?! 

Ah, there's the 3-minute bell!

So please take your seat, look over the synopsis if you still need, and get nicely settled ready as the lights dim...

if you've got a dimmer.

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